Chick’en Claw Time!


Chick’en Claw is a family restaurant located at 3 Dashi-1 Bldg. Mac Arthur Highway, San Agustin City of San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines. There is a branch in Angeles too! They serve Korean goodness 7 days a week, from 11 AM to 12 AM. Awesome for your “chillax” and tummy-filling moments!

We tried this restaurant to celebrate one of my friend’s victory party and boy, aren’t we glad we did! Congratulations Teacher Sammie and to all of our 2016 LET Passers by the way! More power to our future educators! I’m sure glad she passed! Free food is always a great idea! haha Anyway, let us talk about on how mouthwatering Chick’en Claw is!

I think my mouth dropped wide open when the platter was served on our table. I know, very unladylike but that is just how surprised I was. haha

Me: Sammie, is THIS what you ordered?!
 Sammie: (smiling) Why?
 Me: (teary) serrioouuussslyyy?.. oohhh I love you!
Sammie: Mukha mo Criselle Nunag! HAHAHHAHA😂😂😂

That’s just us, being sweet and loving friends. lol 😂 Anyway, here is the reason why I am too enthusiastic about it! Chick’en Claw serves 5 variations of super crispy fried chicken, seafood dishes which are consisted of  fatty crabs, fresh mussels, and all-time favorite shrimp,  grilled baby back ribs, korean dishes and an option for a bottle of soju, juice or carbonated drinks. We have tried the original flavor for fried chicken but you have 4 other yummy options. One is Yang Neom, sweet and spicy flavor, Dakang Jeong, bite size version or Yang Neom, Gamazo w/ Toasted Garlic, and Padak, fried chicken with spring onions that comes with lightly drizzled sweet soy-mustard sauce. For your seafood cravings, you can devour Garlic Crab, Coconut Curry Crab, Black Pepper Crab, Garlic shrimp or their jam-packed Sea food in a bucket and Seafood platter! Satiate your Korean food hunger with their Bulgogi (Korean Grilled beef), Jeyuk bokkeum pork (Stir Fried Pork Belly), Kimchi Stew, Odengtang (Fish Cake Soup), Dakbal (Hot/Sweet and Spicy Chicken feet), Egg roll, Tteok-bokki (rice cake) and of course Rameon! We ordered the Sea Food Platter for 1 500 pesos and it was more than enough for 3 ravenous girls! I suggest that you get that deal since it includes an ample amount of fried chicken, a slice of baby back ribs, at least 2 fatty crabs, corns and potato fries for the side dish. Just get rice servings if you want to or Rameon, either options will surely match with your flavorful set of platter. They are thoughtful enough to  provide a crab cracker and plastic hand gloves so you can fully savor all of the crabilicious goodness from every part of the shell. Although, if you need assistance just like what happened to us since Sammie’s cute and delicate hands can not handle it and the crab cracker got slimy from all the crab sauce lol, you can ask their crew or chef to open Mr. Crab for you! So don’t you worry mate, you won’t have a tough and dirty fight with Mr. Crab, I tell yah. 😉 This comes with Cucumber Lemonade as well by the way but you can choose from a bottle of Pilsen, Soju, a glass of Coke or other carbonated drinks, a pitcher of Blue lemonade, Lemon or Red Iced tea, Pineapple juice or the staple and my favorite ice cold water. Hahaha You can never go wrong with that one. 😉

Chick’ en Claw’s interior design is quite uncomplicated but surely makes it evident that you are in for some seafood and chicken treat. What with all the fish nets,  floaters, ship’s wheel, anchors, wooden planks, sea ropes and roosters, yes, roosters, hahahah hanging on the walls. Just add the smell of the sea, sound of the waves, a cute lifeguard and it will be perfect!😂 Kidding.

Try it this weekend, with your gang or whole family, so you can taste the finger-lickin’  goodness of Mr Crab and Claws!

Have fun mateys! 🤗💗



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