About me

Hey there! Welcome to my blog!

Cris is the name and eating is my game! Join me as I explore retaurants, cafes, foodparks, and many other food havens here in Pampanga, other provinces of the Philippines, and soon the world! Find out about their location, menu, food, pricing etc. through my blogs! Eat with your eyes first as you look through yummy food shots and read fun descriptions!
Art. Food. Music. Photography. Travel. Who doesn’t like those? Falling in love with food was easy and writing about it became a hobby. I just started blogging last January, so this blog is very young, and thriving. The idea came from one of my dear friend, Sam. I am a home buddy at first, hating the scorchy heat of the sun, traffic and everything that is out of my comfort zone. Sam would bug me to go out on a food trip and I would usually decline, but I agreed one time. I never knew I would love it! I see heat, traffic and all of the usual factors that will keep me staying at home now as a part of an obstacle course.LOL They are there. We just need to adjust and don’t let them ruin our day. So now, I enjoy discovering new food places, trying out different dishes and drinks, taking photos of authentic interior designs and of course, hanging out with my friends, meeting people of all kinds, and of course, sharing my experience with you, my lovely reader!

I focus with food but I don’t want to limit myself with that alone so I am slowly discovering other writing topics! Hoping for the best!

 Cheers to more food trips,fun stories and travel adventures with you! 

Tara Mangan! 


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