Food●Music●Photography●Travel●Write● on repeat…

Pampanga, Culinary Center of the Philippines, is my home town. So growing up with my parents who are always busy cooking up something delicious in our kitchen always kept me amazed about food and cooking itself. I love to read as well so my love for writing and literature started since I was a kid. Photography on the other hand, just started last year so I am overly enthusiastic about it as of now!  This is basically a combination of my sweet and fun experiences which is mostly related to food, arts (photography) and music. I was just thinking on what will be a creative way of saving my photos and fun memories and figured out that blogging is very much the right option. I already have fun with writing and taking photographs, but if you take the time to read it, I’m very thankful. Let’s all celebrate life and love to the fullest!
Love, Cris


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